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Solevit premix M dry cowbane

Solevit premix M dry cowbane

«Solevit premix M dry cowbane» is used for dry cowbanes (delivery 70-100 gr. per animal a day).

Advantages: This saltlick complex by 2-3 times reduces losses rate caused by ineffective yeaning (endometritis, afterbirths and other problems) and contains relevant set of microelements and major mineral elements, such as montmorillonite (red clay of Beya  field, positively affecting  digestion system that can suffer from low quality forage)  and sulphur (one of the most important  major mineral elements necessary for amino acids  synthesis, bones and hooves formation; its content in ordinary forage is insufficient for effective yeaning). All this set increases forage assimilability by 15-20 % due to faster development of dam cicatrix micro flora and formation of light microbial protein.  Advanced iodine and selenium concentration positively affects metabolism, empowers health and prevents diseases.

Application: Feeding briquette should be placed close to animal; fresh water needs to be provided.

Storing: Keep in a dry place for 2 years.

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