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Solevit premix M 63-1

Solevit premix M 63-1

«Solevit premix M 63-1» is used for 3 weeks to 6 months calves (delivery 5 to 30 gr. per animal a day).

Advantages:  Contains set of microelements and additive of major mineral elements necessary for animal. Vitamin complex is secured from early oxidation by its sputtering to montmorillonite (red clay of Beya field), which positively affects digestion problems (diarrhea).  Brimstone, magnesium and calcium serve as the main constructing material for many systems of body. This saltlick application will give positive impact for calf organism development and will result in earlier formation of mature productive animal. Advanced iodine and selenium concentration positively affects metabolism.

Application: Feeding briquette (or a part of briquette) should be placed close to animal; fresh water needs to be provided.

Storing: Keep in a cool and dry place for 2 years.

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