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Solevit premix M 60-3

Solevit premix M 60-3

«Solevit premix М60-3» is used for milk-producing cows (delivery 100-130 gr. per animal a day).

Advantages: This complex includes maximum set of microelements and additive of major mineral elements, such as montmorillonite (red clay of Beya  field) which positively affects digestion problems and negative results of low quality forage application. Brimstone, magnesium and calcium serve as the basis for milk synthesis. This saltlick use increases natural health, restores organism for milk productivity and increases forage assimilation by 15-40% (due to faster cicatrix micro flora development and light microbial protein formation). Advanced iodine and selenium concentration positively affects metabolism, empowers health and prevent diseases.

Application: Feeding briquette should be placed close to animal; fresh water needs to be provided.

Storing: Keep in a dry place for 2 years.

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